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Titanium Welded Tubes

Ratnamani has a dedicated facility for the manufacturing of Titanium Tubes. The Tube Mill has additional facilities such as Ultrasonic strip cleaning, On line bright annealing and on line eddy current testing facility.

Testing & Inspection

  • Mechanical Testing & Chemical Analysis
  • Fully equipped laboratory for Corrosion Testing, Chloride Contamination Testing, Bath Analysis Testing, Die Penetrant Test & Residual Stress Measurement
  • Micro Structure Examination / Analysis
  • Laboratory Spectrometer & Portable Spectrometer
  • Positive Material Identification [PMI] Tester
  • Hydro Testing –SS Straight & U-Tubes and CS Pipes
  • Air Under Water Testing – Straight Length upto 30 Meters
  • Ferrite Content & Surface Finish
  • Fibroscope – Inside surface checking of Tubes having outside diameter 4.7 MM and above
  • Surface Roughness Testing
  • Non Destructive Testing offered
    • - Eddy Current Testing
    • - Ultrasonic Testing with full body thickness measurement
    • - Real Time Digital Radiography Testing
    • - Conventional Film Radiography

Manufacturing of Titanium Welded Tubes

Size/Range Thickness Specification
12.00 MM to 38.10 MM OD 0.30 MM to 2.00 MM SB-338, Various Grades
*Sizes other than above can be manufactured as per requirement

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