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Carbon Steel Mobile Plant

Water is an essential commodity which is scarce. Hence, there is a need for it to be transported efficiently .The best mode of supplying water would be through pipelines. But to supply water of such volume, pipes in various diameters are required. Projects of such magnitude are not economically viable if pipes are to be transported over long distances, Hence the need for a mobile plant.

Ratnamani ventured into manufacturing pipes at the site by way of mobile plant. The mobile plant caters to customer requirement on location. There plants can be dismantled and re-erected within a short span. This unique feature helps in easy handling of pipes at site, meeting delivery schedules and cut down transportation cost thus making the project economical and viable.

At site the mobile plant can produce pipes having diameter in excess of 18" up to 150" in various thicknesses, in single random length or double random length depending upon the project requirements.


  • Water Distribution and Transmission Lines for Irrigation Systems and Power Plants
  • Pipes for Potable Water
  • Drainage Pipes

Mobile Plant consists of following

Pipe Manufacturing & Testing Equipment

  • Three Roll Plate Bending Machine / Spiral Mill
  • Internal and External Submerged Arc Welding [SAW] System
  • Hydro Testing Facilities
  • End Beveling Facilities
  • Ultrasonic Testing for the Weld Area
  • Mechanical Testing Facilities

Pipes manufactured can be coated at site as follows

  • External & Internal Cement Mortar Lining
  • External Painting & Internal Epoxy Coating
  • External Coal Tar Coating
  • External Coal Tar Tape Coating/ Cold applied tape coating
  • Internal & External Polyethene Coating

Manufacturing of Carbon Steel Mobile Plant

Type Diameter Range Thickness Range Specification¹

Helical / Spiral Submerged Arc Welded [H-SAW] Pipes

18” [457.2 MM] to 100” [2540 MM]²

0.16” [4 MM] to 0.8” [20 MM]

As per IS

Longitudinal with Circumferential Seam Submerged Arc Welded Pipes

32” [812.8 MM] to 150” [3810 MM]³

0.2” [5 MM] to 1” [25.4 MM]

As per IS



Pipes can be supplied as per Customer Specification also.


For size above 100” [2540 MM] 100% Manual Ultrasonic Testing of weld shall be carried instead of Hydro Test.


For size above 142” [3600 MM] 100% Manual Ultrasonic Testing of weld shall be carried instead of Hydro Test.

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