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Stainless Steel Welded Pipes

Ratnamani is one of the major manufacturers of Welded Stainless Steel Pipes for application in Power generation - Nuclear, Thermal and Solar, Refinery and Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Fertilizer and Process Industries etc.

Ratnamani manufactures Austenitic, Super Austenitic, Duplex and Super Duplex welded stainless steel pipes both from coil and plate. The weld procedures used are TIG, Combination of Plasma and TIG , TIG with filler , TIG and SAW , SAW depending up on the wall thickness of input raw material for Pipe manufacturing.

Ratnamani is having number of tube mills for manufacturing Stainless Steel Welded Pipe from Stainless Steel coils upto 18" NB in double random length. The welding process is controlled by laser seam tracking equipment to optimize the quality of weld seam. Stainless Steel Welded Pipes above 40" NB & up to 72" NB can be manufactured with a combination of longitudinal / circumferential joints.

Ratnamani is also having facility for the production of pipes from single stainless steel plate, on JCO Press upto 40" NB. These pipes can be produced in single random length or double random lengths with Single Long Seam.

A complete range of testing facility in-house contributes to consistent quality control. With good investment in modern forming & welding techniques, Ratnamani is able to meet the most stringent market demands in terms of quality and delivery.

Salient Features:

  • Radiography/Radioscopy to ensure Welding quality
  • Solution Annealing Heat treatment facility upto 100" NPS
  • Hydro Test
  • Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Test can be done as per Client requirement
  • In-house testing facility to meet International Standard
  • Various Sizes and Grades of Austenitic , Super Austenitic ,Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Ability to manufacture pipes as per API 5LC with Coating facility


Welded Pipes :

1/8" NB to 1" NB SCH.5S, 10S, 40S ASTM A-312, A-554, A-778,
Above 1" NB to 2" NB
Above 2" NB to 18" NB
18" NB to 36" NB
Grades : TP-304/L/LN/H/N, TP-316/L/LN/H/N/Ti, TP-317L, TP-321/H, TP-347/H,
UNS S31254
UNS N08367
UNS S31500, S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760
* Sizes and Specifications other than above can be manufactured on request

Large Diameter Electric Fusion Welded (EFW) Stainless Steel Pipes :

Longitudinal Pipes 8" NB to  40" NB 2.77 MM to 50.00 MM ASTM A-358, A-409,
A-928, API 5LC
Longitudinal with Circumferential Seam Welded Pipes 20" NB to 72" NB 5.54 MM to 20.00 MM ASTM A-358, A-409,
Grades : TP-304/L/LN/H, TP-316/L/LN/H, TP-317L, TP-321/H, TP-347/H, UNS S31254, UNS N08367
* Sizes and Specifications other than above can be manufactured on request
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